The fans of the Egyptian club Al-Ahly lived on Sunday night with great joy after their team reached the semi-finals of the Club World Cup, but their greatest joy did not seem to be the victory in itself, but because the victory came in a way that enabled them to open the wound of their traditional rival, Zamalek.

Al-Ahly was able to defeat American Seattle in the match that was held yesterday evening, Saturday, and it almost ended in a negative draw, before player Mohamed Magdy (Qafsha) scored the winning goal in the 88th minute, in the same way he scored the goal of winning Zamalek in the 2020 African Championship final.

Qafsha hit the ball from outside the penalty area, before returning to him and hitting the net again, this time.

As happened in the Zamalek match 3 years ago.

Episode (2/5/2023) of the Networks program monitored the Egyptians' reactions to this repetition of the goal known as "Judge Is Possible", which was filled with communication sites after the match.

One of the tweeters named Benoit said, "Afshah looks like he's sick of putting it down from the first time. He waited for the defender of the second division to come back in order to revive the sweetest thing that happened in Al-Ahly's history."

While Ahmed Abdel Basset said, "I am the only one in the world who experienced the bitterness of the judge in the Egyptian and the American." As for Asim Hefzy, he tweeted, "The Seattle coach, we are not the first team to take the judge from Qafshah. He did it before that in his rival, Zamalek Club."

On the other hand, Zamalek fans did not miss the opportunity to comment on the outcome of the match, as Maher Hanna downplayed Al-Ahly’s achievement, saying, “The African Comparis exceeds the Comparis, which is ranked 11th in America, in order to meet Real Madrid in the semi-final of the Unknown Clubs Cup .. I wished for his rise, and it happened well. despondent and despondent.”

It is noteworthy that the player, Mohamed Magdy Qafsha, won the title of man of the match after scoring the decisive goal that brought Al-Ahly to the semi-finals, and commented on the goal, saying that what is important is Al-Ahly’s victory, not the goal.

The Seattle team also congratulated Al-Ahly club after the end of the match, and wrote on Twitter, "It was an honor to play with Al-Ahly Club in the first match in the Club World Cup .. Good luck in the rest of the journey."

Al-Ahly is scheduled to face Real Madrid, the European champion of the century and the most winning club in this tournament, in the semi-final match next Wednesday.

It is noteworthy that Al-Ahly of Egypt is the owner of the largest number of continental championships in the African continent with 143 titles, and it is superior to Barcelona, ​​​​Real Madrid, Manchester United, Liverpool and Juventus in terms of the number of titles.