In the 68th minute of Saint-Germain's victory over Toulouse 2-1 in the French Football League, a dispute occurred between the Argentine star Lionel Messi and one of the players of the opposing team, and by chance he was Dutch and called Branko van den Boman.

In a joint ball between them, Bowman intervened in a harsh manner that could have resulted in serious injury, but the "Bulga" who had fallen to the ground stood up and asked Bowman, "What are you doing?"

Messi led the Parisian team to a difficult victory over Toulouse by scoring the winning goal, moving away from the lead by 8 points from second-placed Marseille.

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This sparring reminded football fans of an incident between the Argentine international and Manchester United striker Woth Wyghurst and Baumen's compatriot.

Wighorst was known as "Messi's enemy" after the famous quarrel that occurred between them after the last World Cup quarter-final match in Qatar.

Liu after the match in the corridor

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Wighorst was subjected to a "fierce" attack from Messi after the match, when he addressed him with the famous phrase, "What are you looking at, you idiot? Go away, you idiot?"

He is making a statement to an Argentinean channel.

After the match, the Dutch player expressed his shock and surprise at Messi's reaction, and said at the time, "I wanted to shake hands with him after the match, but he hit my hand and did not want to talk to me."