The 28-year-old Greek AJ Ginnis had not been better than eleven in the World Cup before Saturday's slalom competition in Chamonix.

It didn't look like it was going to get much better this time either, as Ginnis was in 23rd place after the first run.

However, Ginnis would strike with something that no one had expected.

He took a lead that stood almost all the way thanks to the second run which was fastest by a margin of 36 hundredths.

Only the Swiss Ramon Zenhaeuser managed to get a better overall time and Ginnis finished second in the competition.

Jakobsen drove off

For the Swedish part, it was not a successful race because William Hansson was the second slowest of all who made it to the finish line in the first run and Kristoffer Jakobsen drove out straight away.

- It was a day that I will only want to forget, says Jakobsen to TT.

Kristoffer Jakobsen drives out in the first race

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Kristoffer Jakobsen drives out in the first race

The Alpine WC is decided in Méribel and Courchevel in France between February 6 and 19.

- I've had bad reps in the past and had very good things going on at championships.

I love championships, I look forward to it, says Kristoffer Jakobsen to TT.