• Direct This was Atlético-Getafe



into the area with his hand extended to hit the ball and make


stop short after 80 minutes in which they did not suffer, celebrated the strangest goal in the history of the League and seemed to condemn



Quique Sanchez Flores


It was a mistake with a high price, and not the only failure.

[Narration and statistics]

Atlético had the game at the mercy from the start against a Getafe that arrived at the Metropolitano with a black cloud over it about to unload.

It could be unleashed by


, who risked his expulsion in the first minute to stop


, who had not yet warmed up.

The madness of Quique Sánchez Flores' team was a weapon that the rojiblancos played with, but they didn't need it.

They were the owners of the game and they only needed the goals that would further tilt the duel.

Living on the wire is never good.

That must have thought

Rodrigo de Paul

, who once again shook off his World Cup hangover to become an invisible player between the lines of Getafe, capable of leaving


Griezmann alone against


and then


, whom

Mateu Lahoz

tried to convince that Djené's grab in the area was not a penalty and Atlético continues with that box at zero in the statistics while Cholo despaired on the wing.

They did not break down and De Paul continued basting with the help of

Nanuel Molina

driving the ball past the midfield while Savic and Hermoso lived comfortably in the rival field.

The Argentine duo was joined by


to force the Azulona defense.

They kneaded, they found the cracks but not the bottom of the net.

And that his only concern was the offensive facet.

The rojiblancos are still stuck on the edge of the area,

without the spark to bring their dominance to the scoreboard,

although with a new vocation that always invites us to think about what will come.

It took Getafe 27 minutes to step on


's area and it was with a misaligned shot by


set up in the race by

Borja Mayoral

, who later hit a high ball crossed by Portu.

Quique's team had been serious, orderly, hard-working, without intuiting who the players he publicly pointed out a few hours before were.

Resisting in the Metropolitan, more silent than claimed, is never easy.

Correa reminded him of it, capable of seating


with a cut and not adjusting the whiplash to Soria's long stick.

At the edge of rest Lemar dared, although Getafe had already stretched so much that the rejection at the barrier of a free kick on the front turned it into Ünal's way of testing Oblak.

Goal... from the bench

The duel broke after passing through the locker room.

Living in a rival field had to be productive.

The strangest goal in the history of the League was born from a corner.

Rejected by the Azulona defense, Lemar hit him from outside the area, Soria saved him and his clearance was hooked by


on the brink of offside to put her in the squad.

The VAR came into play while

Simeone decided to take the Argentine

and Lemar off the field to refresh the bands.

When Mateu Lahoz validated the goal, Correa was already sitting on the bench.

Getafe launched desperately looking for almost a miracle.

He had barely tested Oblak and had ten minutes to put him against the ropes.

Cholo's response to Quique's touch of outburst was to try to put the game to sleep.

Morata was


to shore up the midfield with



A step back that did not contain Getafe.

What nobody expected is that the man from Alicante would jump with open arms and give Ünal the equalizer from the penalty spot.

The rojiblancos could no longer react despite a cross shot from


that grazed the post or a one-on-one from


, stumbled, with Alderete.

Not even the


inlet fixed it.

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