Bayern goalkeeper Manuel Neuer followed in the footsteps of Crisitian Ronaldo and gave a long interview to two publications at once (The Athletic and Süddeutsche Zeitung), in which he criticized the actions of the club's management.

The reason for this act was the recent dismissal of goalkeeping coach Toni Tapalovic.

The specialist has been working in the team since 2011 and has become a close friend for the Munich captain.

At the same time, it was the German national team player who at one time helped Tapalovic to end up in Bayern.

Therefore, Neuer reacted very painfully to the termination of the contract with him.

“For me it was a blow when I was already defeated.

I felt like my heart was being ripped out.

It was the most brutal thing I've ever experienced in my career.

And I've been through a lot... Everyone in our goalkeeping group was extremely upset.

People were crying”, — quotes the words of Manuel The Athletic.

Tapalovic left Bayern not on the most positive note.

It is reported that the specialist had a conflict with head coach Julian Nagelsman.

He doesn't talk about it openly in the club.

However, according to German media sources, Tony was suspected of telling Neuer information that was intended exclusively for the coaching staff.

And then the captain allegedly informed her teammates.

However, the goalkeeper denied these allegations.

“There is no reason I could understand.

Things have been said that I disagree with.

Nothing that I heard ruled out the possibility of talking to each other and sorting everything out, ”the goalkeeper explained.

It was reported that in addition to leaking information, Nagelsman was not happy that the goalkeepers were preparing according to Tapalovic's methods separately from the team.

At the same time, he paid too much attention to Neuer and Sven Ulreich, which other players saw.

So, allegedly Alexander Nübel, who plays at Monaco on loan, refused to return to Munich while Tony was working at the club.

However, Manuel did not believe it either.

“Toni was responsible for Nübel’s transfer to Bayern in 2020: he saw Alex at Schalke at a time when no other club really noticed him and immediately recommended him to the Munich team.

He worked with Alex in the same way as with me, Sven Ulreich and (former Bayern goalkeeper. -


) Christian Früchtl.

In all these years, I have never heard a coach say anything negative about Tony.

Ask Pep Guardiola and his team, Carlo Ancelotti or Niko Kovac,” Neuer said.

According to the goalkeeper, the management treated the valuable employee, who worked at the club for 11.5 years, inhumanly.

And this greatly disappointed him.

“We at Bayern want to be a family.

And then something happens that I've never seen before.

It's sad for everyone: for the club, for Tony, for the staff and for all the goalkeepers, myself included.

Nevertheless, I want to say: on the one hand, I am a person, and on the other, a professional, ”added the goalkeeper.

The reaction from Bayern was immediate.

Of course, it was not as radical as in the case of Manchester United and Ronaldo.

However, Neuer is likely to face a fine, since the interview was not agreed with the Munich team.

According to the general director of the club, Oliver Kahn, the goalkeeper did not think about the consequences of his words for the team.

“What Manuel said in connection with the sacking of Toni Tapalovic is not in line with his status as a captain or Bayern's values.

In addition, his statements were made at the wrong time, because we have very important games ahead of us, ”said the specialist in a comment to Bild.

At the same time, Kahn admitted that he understands Neuer's emotions and himself experienced something similar in his sports career, but, unlike Manuel, he kept silent for the good of the team.

“In 2004, as a national team player, I faced a similar situation.

Our goalkeeping coach Sepp Mayer felt that the DFB (German Football Union. -


) was treating him badly, and they broke up.

I worked with Sepp for many years, we had a friendly and trusting relationship.

At the time, I was also disappointed and angry at the DFB.

But common goals were for me in the foreground.

They were more important to me than my personal feelings.

That is why I decided at that time not to speak publicly.

Now Manuel has done the opposite.

We will talk very seriously with him about this, ”added the general director of Bayern.

However, the continuation of Neuer's career, in general, is a big question.

The goalkeeper after the World Cup in Qatar broke his leg while skiing and was out until the end of the season.

And whether he will be able to recover from such damage is unknown.

After all, he will be 37 years old in March.

However, Bayern believe that the player will start training with the team in the summer off-season.