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Paulista has lost his grip



, now claimed as the savior of an injured


, was clear and forceful about the Brazilian's action on his compatriot



He started on the wing, as so many other times, and the 'ché' center-back, a prisoner of "desperation", kicked him that lifted the


striker into the air .

At the moment, Vinicius got up to recriminate him and his teammates came to his aid, resulting in a threat of tangana that resulted in the expulsion of the Valencian player.

"Gabriel has committed an act resulting from the desperation of losing. He enters at the wrong time, it is a helpless kick. He has made a mistake," argued Voro.


A moment of frustration", summarized Ancelotti


Earlier, Courtois had praised the "courage" of

Alberola Rojas

when drawing the defense red: "

You have to protect Vini

, he is a very explosive boy and he does a lot of dribbles and a defender doesn't like that. They feel they are hesitating, but it's his way of playing. I'm happy that today a referee had the courage to send off because it's a kick without the ball, meaningless. Not just Vini, anyone".

Paulista's entry defined the sensation of Valencia in the match.

Powerless against a superior Madrid and unable to defend Vinicius, a torment for


throughout the duel.

It was his

200th appearance

for him with the white team shirt.


22 years and 205 days

, he is the fourth youngest to reach this figure after

Manolo Sanchís, Raúl González and Iker Casillas


In summary: a great night for the Brazilian, who scored again in the League after more than three months of drought.

He had scored in the Cup against Atlético and Villarreal, but in the domestic tournament he had not scored since October 30 against Girona.

Add 7 league goals

and 13 among all competitions, approaching the 22 he achieved last season.

"You want a company that values ​​you"

The game was also entertaining on his feet, protagonists of a decision that will influence the future of the footballer.

Vinicius, who jumped at the beginning of the clash with

black boots, without a logo,

has broken with


, a company that has sponsored him since he was

13 years old

, and his environment has already begun to probe possible agreements with the giants of the sector.


, who also dresses


, could be his next destination, although they have not chosen yet and his representatives are negotiating with all the major brands, such as




He wants a company that values ​​him more globally

," sources close to the Brazilian assure EL MUNDO.

Vinicius did not feel entirely comfortable with the treatment received during the

World Cup in Qatar

, where Nike was the official sponsor of the Brazilian team.

The striker believes that despite being the brand's second most important footballer in the concentration, after Neymar, not much attention was paid to him when planning

marketing actions


For this reason, the Brazilian made an emphatic decision against Valencia.

He decided to wear black boots during the first part.

Of course, at half-time, either out of comfort or superstition, he changed them for yellow

Nike Mercurials

that finally brought him luck, because he scored.

Despite everything, his decision is firm: he wants a new contract with a different brand that will position him off the field as what he already is on it: one of the best in the world.


30 million euros per year that Puma pays Neymar

seems too much for Vini, but the figure, according to experts, will be one of the highest in the sector.

The Madrid footballer is the visible face of the white team and the national team both in Europe and America and his growth as a product does not stop, with agreements with important brands such as

Dolce&Gabbana or Pepsi


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