The 3rd is the first holiday of the professional baseball Hanshin Okinawa camp, and seven newcomers, including Shota Morishita, who joined the team in first place in the draft, visited the World Heritage site "Katsuren Castle Ruins" and contributed to the winning streak, named after the historic site. I vowed to become a good player.

Hanshin's Okinawa camp, which has been held since the 1st of this month, will have its first holiday on the 3rd, and seven newcomers, including Morishita, who started the second team due to poor conditioning of his right leg, will visit the World Heritage Site of Katsuren Castle in Uruma City. visited.

The ruins of Katsuren Castle are said to have been built between the 12th and 13th centuries, and are also known as a place where you can take part in a contest, because if you turn the characters for "Katsuren" upside down, it means "successive victory."

Morishita and others were guided by the person in charge of Uruma City, climbed the stairs of the castle, took commemorative photos, and enjoyed the scenery from the hill, enjoying their first holiday.

Morishita, who climbed the steep stairs without difficulty, said about the condition of his right foot, "It's been going well so far, so I don't think it's a problem."

On top of that, “I was able to come to a place with a nice view on a sunny day, and I was really refreshed. I would like to become," he made a vow.