Canada and the USA dominate ice hockey on the women's side in total.

The other nations are trying to get closer to them and for the Women's Crowns, more matches against teams from those countries should be a step on the way.

- We need to play more against transatlantic opposition.

The association is working to achieve that.

The best college teams hold high standards.

I really hope that it can be resolved, says union captain Ulf Lundberg and tells us that discussions are already underway:

- Several of the absolute best teams there are very interested.

For example, Ohio State where we have Peter Elander (former national team captain) as assistant coach.

We have a natural connection there.

Why is it important to face transatlantic opposition?

- Instead of facing Canada or the USA in a quarter-final, we need to have experience in playing those types of tight matches.

Especially on small rinks at high intensity.

That's how you learn, from playing those matches.

It is not possible to think or watch a video, says Lundberg.

Next week, the Women's Crowns play a five-nation tournament in Germany.

It is the last tournament before the WC in Canada in April.