Russia continues military aggression.

Will it return to the arena of international sports competitions?

The IOC = International Olympic Committee has revealed that it will consider returning to the international competition on the condition that Russian and Belarusian athletes will be in a neutral position that does not represent their country.

In response, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky strongly opposes a return, even if he is neutral.

We asked Professor Kyoko Kurita of Chukyo University, who is familiar with the philosophy and history of the Olympic Games, about this issue.

IOC's response Focus on 3 points

Professor Kurita says that he focused on three points regarding the IOC's response.

[Point of focus 1]

"The IOC recommendations announced before the Beijing Paralympics (after Russia's invasion of Ukraine) were basically decided only by the IOC Executive Board, but this time, IOC officials, It is based on exchanges of views with many people, including representatives of the global network of athlete representatives, international competitions, and national Olympic committees


” They said they would not raise the Belarusian flag or sing the national anthem, but we can see that they would like to open up the way for athletes from Russia and Belarus to participate, with even stricter conditions."

[Point 3]

" It emphasizes that the country should not decide whether or not athletes can participate, and there is a declaration of intention to somehow create political neutrality in the sports world.These three are very characteristic. I read that it's a bit different than before."

About the Ukrainian backlash

On the other hand, regarding the Ukrainian side's strong opposition...

Professor Kurita:

"Looking at the situation in Ukraine, it's hard to get emotional and say, 'Let's do it together.' It is a situation that is extremely intricately intertwined with not being influenced by international politics, and that is why we have to create something like principles.”

Russia repeatedly violates ``Olympic Truce Resolution''

Professor Kurita points out that rules need to be set because Russia has repeatedly violated the Olympic truce resolution.

Armistice resolutions have been adopted the year before the Olympics since they were adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1993 for the Lillehammer Olympics in 1993, following the escalation of the civil war in the former Yugoslavia.

At the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Russia launched an armed intervention in former Soviet Georgia, now known as Georgia.

In 2014, after the Sochi Olympics and until the Paralympics, the Crimean peninsula in southern Ukraine was virtually controlled.

And last year.

After the Beijing Olympics and before the Paralympics, we launched a military invasion of Ukraine.

At the Beijing Paralympic Games, athletes from Russia and Belarus were once allowed to participate as individuals with a neutral position, but many countries complained that they would not participate if this situation continued. I will not be allowed to participate.

Repeated truce resolution violations.

Professor Kurita points out that it is necessary to create rules to protect athletes from problems in international politics.

Professor Kuruda:

"War is something that the country does, not the individual athlete, but there is no discussion of whether or not to impose sanctions in the event of a violation of the ceasefire resolution. Such a situation. It would have been better to have done it before it

became a

military invasion .”

) I think it is difficult to directly say that the Russian players themselves are to blame because this is what Russia is doing.

next year's paris

And about next year's Paris Games...

Professor Kuruda:

“I think there may be a slight difference in the level of enthusiasm between those who allow participation and those who do not. At the same time, athletes from Russia and Belarus are not accepted to participate. Or, I think there is a possibility that the domestic Olympic Committee will announce a boycott.Therefore, at the earliest possible stage, the current war will end as soon as possible, and the Paris Games will once again create peace. I can only hope that it will be opened. I hope that happens as soon as possible.”