, Tianjin, February 1 (Zhang Shaoxuan) During the Spring Festival this year, Tianjin's consumer market showed a growth trend, and various consumptions recovered to varying degrees.

The reporter learned from the Tianjin Municipal Sports Bureau that the recovery trend of sports consumption is obvious. 45 gymnasiums in Tianjin are open for free, and there are nearly 150 sports activities.

  It is understood that in order to meet the needs of the majority of fitness enthusiasts and the people for a healthy Chinese New Year, during the Spring Festival, Tianjin's stadiums will open their doors to fitness enthusiasts for free or at a low cost.

Not only that, various sports social organizations and relevant units in various districts have also carried out various national fitness activities, which are welcomed by the people.

  Among them, the "Volleyball City" campus volleyball training camp entered Nankai District and Hongqiao District Volleyball Special Schools.

The meritorious members of the Tianjin women's volleyball team taught the students volleyball knowledge and spread the spirit of the women's volleyball team, and the students shouted that they had benefited a lot.

The "Ice and Snow Carnival" held by Tianjin Haihe Water Sports Center attracted tens of thousands of people to enjoy the fun of ice and snow sports during the Spring Festival.

  "I have been learning speed skating for three years. This time I saw the ice skating parade performance in the ice and snow carnival, as well as performances such as diabolo dancing and figure skating on ice. I felt more charm of ice and snow sports. I hope that I can also become a A professional speed skater, to challenge various competitions." Zheng Xudan, 13, from Hedong District said.

People at the event experience skiing.

Photo by Tong Yu

  During the Spring Festival, not only the enthusiasm of the masses to participate in ice and snow sports is high, but also various kinds of national fitness activities are also available. The daily passenger flow of major stadiums in Tianjin has reached the upper limit.

Tianjin People's Gymnasium, Tianjin Aolin Sports Center and other public sports venues are open to citizens free of charge or with low fees. Tianjin's national fitness facilities continue to be open free of charge and with low fees. Some commercial venues have also implemented the call to open to the public.

  The opening of fitness venues not only meets the diversified holiday fitness needs of the masses, but also stimulates market vitality and consumption enthusiasm, further promotes the growth of sports consumption and the upgrading of consumption structure in Tianjin, and improves people's sense of satisfaction and happiness in life.