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continued to wake up against


, the result of the time that



for only three weeks ago in



The white team bit more, tried harder, played more and, in the end, easily beat a 'ché' team that had sunk morally after the change of coach.

Two goals

went up on the scoreboard

, but there could be many more for the locals.


The first half could have ended with a

hat-trick from Asensio

and ended in anger at the Bernabéu for a goal disallowed by


and in a

dangerous 0-0 draw

that moved Madrid a little further away from the lead.

The Spaniard, pending his renewal and with


judging each of his steps to decide his future, conceded three goals in the first half hour.

Ancelotti opted for him instead of

Valverde or Rodrygo and once again gave


the helm of the team


The Andalusian, dynamic and generous, produces virtues that this long-haul Madrid, designed to win generals and not stages, appreciates in the middle of a hectic calendar.

The two Spaniards were the face and the cross of an entertaining first half.

Asensio had his first chance in minute 3 after a good pass through


's hole , but he defined with his right foot too soon, without patience to control and finish off with his good leg.


, already envisioning a busy night, cleared the shot.

Madrid did not need much to generate opportunities near Valencia's goal.


weakness of the 'chés' in defense

cannot be fixed with a change of coach, no matter how much experience Voro may have in redirecting the problems at Mestalla.

At minute 18, with


managing the game from the 5th position, freeing Ceballos and Modric, Asensio found himself with his second chance.


found meters to think, put a high ball to


and he assisted with a perfect heel for the Spaniard, who finished off the body of the Valencian defense when he had all the goal to open the scoring.


, aware of the qualifying needs of his team, waved his arms in the band.

With no time to reflect on the mistake, Asensio crossed again with the goal.

Another run by Vinicius, another assist by Benzema and another wasted opportunity by the Spaniard, who was unable to finish off.

In barely 30 minutes, Madrid shone and despaired.

Valencia suffered especially on their right side, with the logical threat from Vinicius and the outstanding display of


, again on the side.

French and Brazilian were a nightmare for


and they had two shots

off Mamardashvili

that ended up in the keeper's hands and into the side netting.

Madrid, with the initiative of the ball and joy in the game, found a prize at the edge of the break, but

Alberola Rojas


Rüdiger's headed goal


to a previous foul by Benzema




The whites protested, understanding that the Frenchman had not exerted enough force to throw his rival to the ground, but the referee kept it 0-0.

Two goals in five minutes

Enraged by the annulled goal, Ancelotti's men bit after the break and in five minutes they resolved what they had been denied in the first half.

Asensio, on his fourth chance of the night, took a

left-footed shot from the top of the

big box that slipped through Mamardashvili's right corner, who watched the shot like a statue.

The Spaniard fought for his prize and found it, fixing a game that had gone uphill for him and that somewhat reflects his last years:

irregular, but with an elite shot


Three minutes later,

Vinicius appeared from behind Foulquier again

, accelerated towards Mamardashvili and defined the goalkeeper's left post.

Shout of rage, dance and 2-0 to calm down in his

200th game

, the fourth youngest to reach that figure after

Sanchís, Raúl and Casillas


Major words in Chamartín.

The Brazilian was once again the best on his team, scoring his first league goal since October (like Asensio) and was, once again and unfortunately for the show, the target of his rival's wrath.

Paulista, in an unfortunate action

, was sent off after a kick on the striker totally mistimed.

Madrid is still five points behind Barça

, repeating victories after San

Mamés and the derby and maintaining the excitement for a title that they do not want to let go so soon.

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