• At almost 32 years old, Bérgson shines like never before within Johor Darul Ta'zim, which crushes the Malaysian championship.

  • In 2022, the Brazilian striker scored 46 goals in 36 games in all competitions, the best ratio in the world, says Sky Sport Italia.

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    was able to join this unknown striker in Europe, where he only made a very brief stint, in the Portuguese club of Braga in 2012, over the course of a very busy career.

46 goals scored in 36 games, a formidable ratio of 1.27 pawns per game played.

Neither Kylian Mbappé, nor Erling Haaland, nor Robert Lewandowski did better in 2022 than the very unknown Bérgson Gustavo Silveira Da Silva (or simply Bérgson).

This statistic released by Sky Sport Italia has gone somewhat unnoticed in our latitudes.

But not in Malaysia, where the Brazilian striker has exploded the counters since his arrival at Johor Darul Ta'zim (JDT) from Fortaleza (Brazilian D1), in March 2021. "Here, everyone talks about him, his goalscoring qualities, his way of playing, asserts Avineshwaran, journalist for the daily

The Star


This distinction is a source of pride for all Malaysians.

Bérgson has style and helped his club win every trophy last season.


Because the Southern Tigers, based in the city of Johor Bahru (800,000 inhabitants), do not even leave a few crumbs to domestic competition: unchallenged champions since 2014, i.e. nine titles in a row, they also won the Cup in 2022, the FA Cup as well as the Piala Sumbangsih, the local Super Cup.

Each time, the player trained at Grêmio, Porto Alegre's flagship club, played a decisive role, thus scoring more than one goal per match.

"It's never enough", according to Bérgson the glutton

“I was a little surprised when I discovered the statistics, admits number 9 from Dubai, where JDT is rubbing shoulders with Russian and Bulgarian teams to prepare for the next Malaysia Super League season which begins at the end of the month.

I never thought I could achieve that, it's still a lot of goals!

It's a plus for me to be with big names, but it's never enough because we represent one of the biggest teams in Asia.


In the league alone, Bérgson struck 29 times last year, in every possible way: 13 times from the right (plus 6 penalties), 6 from the left and 4 from the head... Goals from near, far, a hitch or frankly sublime, like this scissor returned against Sabah, on October 15th.

“He's a great, great player, launches Avineshwaran, definitely conquered.

His first touch is perfect, he has the best shot in the country, he reads the game well and combines well with his teammates, especially Arif Aiman ​​[young 20-year-old Malaysian international] and Fernando Forestieri [former Italian under-21 international who arrived last year of Udinese].

I don't really see any weakness in him.


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However, the journalist also admits: “Many did not know what he was capable of when he arrived at JDT.

“It must be said that before joining Malaysia, Bérgson (32 years old on February 9), never international A and of ordinary size (1.80 m, 76 kg), had only succeeded once in crossing the bar of 10 achievements in the same season, with Paysandu (Brazilian D2) in 2017. He had unrolled the thread of a globe-trotting career, where loans abounded: 15 different clubs, including unsuccessful escapades in South Korea (at Suwon Bluewings and Busan Ipark) or Braga, Portugal.

Thank you "Boss"!

“In some of my previous clubs, I did not feel that I was in my best period, the mentality was not the same as today, advances the person concerned.

Now I'm living my best time, and I'm really grateful.

The way the "Boss" supports me to be better year after year, week after week, that's the secret.

The "Boss" is Crown Prince Tunku Ismail ibni Sultan Ibrahim - son of the Sultan of the State of Johor - owner of JDT and former boss of the Malaysia Super League until 2019, who now wants to see his club at continental level.

In the past, the Southern Tigers have been able to attract names, also in their thirties, such as the Argentine esthete Pablo Aimar or the striker Daniel Güiza, 2008 European champion with Spain.

In 2022, they finished first in their Asian Champions League group, ahead of the Japanese Kawasaki Frontale, the South Koreans Ulsan Hyundai and the Chinese Guangzhou, before falling heavily in 8th against other Japanese, Urawa Red Diamonds (0-5).

The metronome Bérgson scored 6 times in 6 group matches.

“We are lucky to have such a player in Malaysia,” breathes Avineshwaran.

It remains to be seen what the Malaysia Super League is really worth, which has seen some old French acquaintances pass through in recent years, such as Johan Martial (ex-Brest and Troyes), Billy Ketkeophomphone (ex-Angers) or Hérold Goulon (ex-Le Mans )?

“We cannot compare with European standards, recognizes the journalist from

The Star


JDT is doing its best to compete with the best European clubs in friendly and its goal is to perform well in the Asian Champions League.


Fan of his compatriots Ronaldo and Ronaldinho

For Bérgson, “the Malaysia Super League is competitive.

The difference is that in Brazil, the teams try to make the difference in the first half, before playing more cautiously in the second.

Whereas here the teams are trying to win in the final minutes.

But at JDT, we try to score from the start of the match.


This fan of his compatriots Ronaldo and Ronaldinho is therefore living his best life in a country where football is the "number 1 sport", according to Avineshwaran, and where he has scored a staggering total of 76 goals in 69 games spread over two seasons.

"I have to savor the moment, and the good performances of my teammates who help us score," says the 30-year-old striker, a follower of "carpe diem".

“I'm a Brazilian goalscorer, I'm happy and I love this sport,” he slips in simply when asked to define himself.

“I have no idea how many years I have left to play.

I don't know what tomorrow will bring, I forget yesterday, I live from day to day trying to do my best.


A bit of philosophy to conclude

At this moment when the subject slips from the sporty to the philosophical, we dare the question that has been tormenting us since we discovered the existence of the native of Alegrete, in the very south of Brazil: did his parents baptize him in tribute to the French philosopher Henri Bergson, like those of his compatriot Allan Delon, fans of the actor?

Obviously not.

“I heard about him via Google, replies the star of JDT.

This guy has a big, slightly different name!

The thing I like the most about him is his name.


The JDT striker should perhaps try to read

Le Rire

, one of the major works of his namesake, whose title sticks to the banana that he constantly displays on the grounds of Malaysia, where he found consecration at 30 past years.


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