Former Russian national team player Roman Pavlyuchenko, who turned 41 in December 2022, can resume his sports career for one match.

The striker will try to help Ufa, currently playing in the first division, win the 1/4 final match of the Russian Cup (“The Way of the Regions”) with Akhmat, scheduled for February 26.

As the athlete explained, the idea arose spontaneously during a conversation with the general director of the team from Bashkortostan Shamil Gazizov.

“We are opening a football agency with Roma Oreshchuk, so we travel, look at players, and look for talents.

We now live in the same hotel in Turkey with Ufa and communicate very well.

Yesterday we had such a conversation.

Everything happened, one might say, spontaneously.

I just look good, sporty.

And Gazizov decided that I was in good shape, so he offered me a contract for one match.

Now we are discussing this, ”said RT Pavlyuchenko.

Since the striker is already in Turkey, it will not be difficult to start preparing for the game with Ufa.

According to Gazizov, the forward only has to make a final decision.

“I have always watched Roma's career with great interest.

He impresses me very much.

From our side, Ufa offered its own options, then everything depends on it, ”RIA Novosti quotes Gazizov.

At the same time, if everything goes well, Pavlyuchenko is ready to consider a longer cooperation.

According to the athlete, he is able to actively act on the field for 20-30 minutes.

“I spent this season in the Medialiga, I am still training.

Yes, maybe not with a team of such a level as Ufa.

Not with professional football players.

But still, two or three times a week I work out, play, keep fit.

If everything works out, then, of course, I will start working more actively.

A week or two - and you can bring yourself into shape, - the interlocutor of RT is sure.

Trust me, I'm not that old.

"Akhmat" will not seem enough (



Besides, I'm a striker, I don't have to run all over the field.

The main task of the forward is to be in the place where the ball will arrive.

Score and benefit the team.

Is it important that Ufa has its own Boyarintsev?

There are enough good guys out there.

There won't be any problems with that."

At first glance, bringing Pavlyuchenko to the cup match looks more like a good PR move for Ufa.

The return to the field of a football player who won Euro 2008 bronze with the Russian national team and played in Tottenham will definitely gather full stands and make it possible to earn on the sale of souvenirs with the name of the striker.

And this, of course, captivates the leadership of the club, which at the beginning of the season was in a difficult economic situation.

Only in January, Gazizov said that he managed to deal with all the debts of the team.

At the same time, it is planned to attract “heavy artillery” in the person of Olga Buzova to promote the meeting.

“Gazizov, it seems to me, is more considering the option for me to score and benefit the team.

As for PR... I just told him: “If we sign a contract, I'll talk to Olya Buzova and ask her to come to the match.

Imagine if all 22 million of her subscribers watch the meeting, what a hype there will be.

A full stadium will gather.

Olga and I are on very good terms.

We have been friends for a long time, ”admitted Pavlyuchenko.

Interestingly, some football experts are sure that Pavlyuchenko, despite his age, can really help Ufa.

This opinion, in particular, was expressed by the former defender of the Russian national team Roman Shishkin.

“He is in good shape, he participated in the Medialiga.

I think that Roman will definitely be enough for half a half, given that he doesn’t move at all - the realization of chances depends more on him, which he is well versed in.

I did not understand a little why "Ufa".

He probably has his own arrangements.

On the other hand, what's the difference?

I think Roman can help any team, ”Championship” quotes Shishkin.

Officially, Pavlyuchenko ended his sports career not so long ago - in October 2022, scandalously ending his cooperation with the Znamya from Noginsk playing in the Second League.

In the last meeting for the team, he took part in a brawl and received an eight-match suspension from the control and disciplinary committee of the Russian Football Union.

“Now I realized that it is finally time to end this.

Nerves, as you can see, sometimes already fail.

The second division is not such a high level, but there are young guys with whom it is already hard for me to train, other speeds.

It is necessary to at least correspond to the level, but I am no longer ready to support such physical work, ”Roman said then.

Fortunately, as RT was confirmed by the RFU, the disqualification only applies to the tournament in which the violation was committed.

Therefore, a football player can easily take part in the Russian Cup.

Let's see if Roman can get in shape by February 26th.

One thing is clear: he certainly revived interest in the Way of the Regions matches.