Yota Kyoda, who joined the professional baseball team DeNA this season, demonstrated his stable grab handling at a camp held in Ginowan City, Okinawa Prefecture, and showed his presence in the infield defense.

Kyoda, who is in his 7th year as a professional, has a stable defense and running power, and is aiming to become a regular in the short program at DeNA, which he transferred from Chunichi through an exchange trade.

On Day 2, the second day of the camp, knocking was done in three areas: shortstop, second, and outfield during defensive practice. I was showing off a certain play.

On the other hand, in terms of batting, which was a problem last season with a batting average of 10%, 7 minutes and 2 rins, we have incorporated the movement of moving the hands up and down when taking back.

During batting practice in the afternoon, I practiced on long tees while hitting a sandbag with a bat and wearing a vest with a weight of 20 kg.

Kyoda said, "There were many practice menus that I did for the first time, and it was very fresh. My batting form is swinging for the first course, and it is in good shape, so I want to continue."