On the second day of the Nippon Ham professional baseball camp held in Okinawa Prefecture, Taikai Ito, a pitcher who has been selected to represent Japan in the WBC (World Baseball Classic), entered the bullpen and prepared to join the national team. The we.

Pitcher Ito entered the bullpen for the first time in the camp on the 2nd.

Pitcher Ito threw 41 pitches using the WBC's official ball, checking how his fingers were applied and how the ball changed, and mixed with changing balls such as sliders and splits, which he is good at.

In preparation for joining the Japanese national team in the middle of this month and the WBC, pitcher Ito said, "I've been using WBC balls since the end of last season, so I don't feel uncomfortable. I want to throw it, so I want to pursue my own ball," he said enthusiastically.