Rakuten of professional baseball celebrated the second day of camp in Kin town, Okinawa.

Hiroki Matsui, the only pitcher in the team who has been selected to represent Japan in the WBC (World Baseball Classic), continues to make careful adjustments, such as practicing pitching in the bullpen twice a day.

On the second day of Rakuten's camp, it rained in the morning, and many of the players warmed up at the brand new indoor training ground that was completed last month.

Celebrating his 10th year as a professional, Matsui, the only pitcher on the team who has been selected to represent Japan in the WBC, entered the bullpen for two days in a row and used the WBC ball to make the catcher sit down and throw 25 pitches. Following the day, all confirmed straight.

A human-shaped board that simulates a right-handed batter is installed in the batter's box. I checked the operation carefully.

In addition, Matsui entered the bullpen for the second time of the day after about three and a half hours, including lunch.

Here, about 40 pitches, I asked the trainers for their opinions, and I checked the form with the video taken by the press.

Pitcher Matsui said, "I didn't want to end the day feeling confused in the morning bullpen. Right now, I'm improving the accuracy of my straights, and after a while I'll start throwing curve balls and increase the number of pitches. I want to enter the actual game. This year, I will start the game earlier than usual, but I want to play baseball for the longest time and make it the best season so far."