At the training camp in Okinawa of the professional baseball team Hanshin, pitcher Akihiro Aoyagi, who won three titles, including the most wins last season, entered the bullpen for two days in a row, carefully checking the direction and timing of his weight shift as he pitched. rice field.

Last season, pitcher Aoyagi won three titles, the most wins and winning percentage for the second consecutive year, and the best ERA for the first time.

While he is expected to make a leap as a pillar of the pitching staff this season, he entered the bullpen on the 2nd, the second day of the camp, following the 1st.

Pitcher Aoyagi is in the stage of confirming his form, so on the 2nd, he threw 35 pitches, mainly straight, while checking the timing of weight shift and weight shift straight toward the catcher.

After that, I ran 100 meters, 50 meters, and even a slope dash, pushing my lower body to the limit.

Aoyagi said, ``I want to improve the accuracy of the ball I have now, increase the variation in pitching, and increase the number of ways to get as many outs as possible.''

On top of that, he said to the opening pitcher who was unable to act due to the new corona infection last year, "I'm aiming for a position. I want to spend a month thinking about what to do to win at the opening." I was determined.