, February 1st. According to the WeChat public account of the Chinese Weiqi Association, on February 1st, the second round of the 27th LG Cup World Chess Championship final continued in Beijing. Ding Hao fought 320 moves with black and defeated Yang Dingxin with Banmu. , 2 to 0 in advance after three victories, and won the world championship for the first time.

Ding Hao also became the first post-00s world champion in the Chinese Go world.

  Yang Dingxin and Ding Hao, who joined the finals of this LG Cup, ranked third and fifth respectively in the latest ranking of Chinese chess players. The contest between them is also a demonstration of the peak level of Chinese Go.

  In the first game of the final, Ding Hao won with white and pushed Yang Dingxin into a desperate situation.

In the second game, Yang Dingxin fought back against the odds, trying to fight back.

But in the end, Yang Dingxin failed to seize the opportunity of reversal, and Ding Hao narrowly won the final 2-0, realizing his dream of being a world champion.

  In the 26th LG Cup before this year, Chinese and South Korean chess players won the championship 12 times each, and Japanese chess players won the championship twice.

Ding Hao won the LG Cup for the 13th time for a Chinese chess player this year, surpassing South Korea again.

Ding Hao, who was born after 2000, also became the 23rd Chinese chess player to win the men's individual world championship.