Saudi Arabia has contacted the entourage of

Sergio Ramos


Luka Modric


Karim Benzema

to offer them the chance to finish their careers in the Persian Gulf league.

As EL MUNDO has learned, official representatives of the country have sent in recent weeks a preliminary proposal consisting of a


contract at an average of

30 million (60 in total)

net for each of them.

The approach to the Paris Saint Germain (PSG) player and the Real Madrid footballers has taken place by telephone and the parties have agreed to continue talking soon.

The offer has been made by the Saudi government, which leaves the possibility open for footballers to later choose

the club they prefer from the Arab league.

Saudi Arabia's rapprochement with Ramos, Modric and Benzema is part of the country's recent bid to strengthen its league, which has

16 teams,

with great European stars.

This strategy has had as its greatest exponent the signing of

Cristiano Ronaldo

by Al-Nassr, a historic local club that has nine league titles to its credit, six of the King's Cup and three Crown Prince Cups.

In the case of the Portuguese player, the net salary agreed for the next two seasons amounts to more than

70 million

euros net without counting the image rights.

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The Middle East, the new and controversial cradle of world sport: "They are breaking the market"


Cristiano Ronaldo, King of Riyadh, a whim of Arabia and a pinch of 300,000 million to invest: "It is part of Vision 2030"

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Cristiano Ronaldo, King of Riyadh, a whim of Arabia and a pinch of 300,000 million to invest: "It is part of Vision 2030"

Official sources from the Saudi Football Federation admit to this newspaper that the intention is for large signings to serve as a lure for other players and coaches in the major European leagues.

Since the competition already has

128 international players from fifty countries


"To have a strong league, we need big names," admits a federation official to EL MUNDO, who, while confirming the interest in incorporating new figures, refuses to talk about specific names.

Of course, it opens the door for the signings to also extend to executives from the big leagues after the signing of

Garry Cook

, who was a director of Nike and CEO of Manchester City.

The approach to Ramos, who is 36 years old, occurs a few months after the end of his contract with PSG, which expires in June this year and is still waiting to find out if the Parisian club intends to renew him.

The cases of Modric and Benzema are very similar, since at 36 and 35 years old, respectively, they also have a contract until June of this year, following Real Madrid's policy of renewing its oldest stars year after year.

Talks have also recently been set up between Al-Nassr and PSG goalkeeper

Keylor Navas


Cristiano Ronaldo during his presentation as a footballer of Al-Nassr.AHMED YOSRIMUNDO

Saudi Arabia offers new signings the lure that

they are not required to pay

personal taxes.

In such a way that, unlike what happens in Spain, they do not have to pay taxes on the income they generate.

The intention of the Saudi authorities is also to reinforce, with the presence of great players, the

joint candidacy of Saudi Arabia, Greece and Egypt to host the 2030 World Cup


However, the Saudi Arabian Football Federation insists that "the great project" of the country in relation to football goes far beyond holding the World Cup and focuses on "helping to modernize it and open it up to the world".

"We want to create a society around sport because we have a very young population, in which of the

36 million inhabitants

, 70% are under 34 years of age and 80% have some kind of relationship with football: or follow it or practice it."

Likewise, they unlink the signing of great players with the requirement that they become ambassadors of the country and rule out, for the moment, the purchase of another European club after the acquisition of Newcastle.

The Saudi league already has other internationally renowned players such as the Colombian goalkeeper David Ospina, the Brazilians Luiz Gustavo and Talisca, the Argentine Pity Martínez or the Ivorian defender Ghislain Konan.

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