China News Agency, Beijing, January 30th. In order to prepare for the Hangzhou Asian Games, the Chinese Football Association announced on the 29th the 24-member training list of the Chinese Men's Football Team for the Asian Games. To participate in this training session, the head coach is still foreign coach Jankovic.

  According to the plan, the new Chinese men's football Asian Games team with 24 players will start the first training session of 2023 in Foshan City, Guangdong Province from February 4th to 14th.

  In addition to Zhu Chenjie and Dai Weijun, Fang Hao, Han Jiaqi and many other main players who participated in the East Asian Cup last year are all on the list. Zhang Wei and Wang Haijian, who performed well in the league last season, were also called up.

  However, the three overage players Zhang Yuning, Wu Xi, and Zhang Linpeng who had previously trained with the team were not called up.

Therefore, there are no overage players in the Asian Games among these 24 people, and it can be said that they almost include the best players of the right age in active service.

  According to the requirements of the notice, this training camp is to do a good job in preparing for the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, and at the same time strengthen the reserve talent reserve of the men's football team.

This means that in addition to playing well in the Hangzhou Asian Games football match, this national football Asian Games team also bears the heavy responsibility of reserving talents for the Chinese men's football team.

  As of now, among the national men's football teams at all levels, only the national men's football team's New Year preparation plan has not yet been announced, and the head coach of the Chinese men's football team is still undecided.