Anicet Mbida 06:52, January 30, 2023

Anicet Mbida delivers to us every morning what is best in terms of innovation.

This Monday, he is interested in the arrival on the market of the first real class A freezers, really energy efficient.

The innovation of the day is the arrival of the first real class A freezers. That is to say really energy efficient.

The energy classes have changed.

The devices had become so efficient that class A had quickly been exceeded.

That's why we ended up with the famous A+, A++, and A+++.

To bring back some clarity, the scale was reviewed in 2021. We returned to a classification from A to G (A for the most sober, G for the most greedy).

In addition, we left ourselves some leeway to take into account future progress.

So much so that the best A+++ freezers are now classified C or D. Result: on the market today, there is no longer any class A or even class B model.

But it won't last.

The first devices have already been announced.

These are freezers with a brand new insulation technique that makes them more economical than what has existed so far.

What's so special about these freezers?

Where current models use large blocks of polyurethane foam as insulation, the new ones use lava rock.

It is a very light volcanic rock that traps air, which makes it a very good insulator.

And since there is less heat loss, the freezer consumes less.

Another advantage of this stone: it takes up less space than moss.

This makes it possible to have thinner walls and to gain up to 30% of space inside.

A 60 cm wide freezer would thus offer the same useful volume as a 70 cm appliance.

The first should be available in the coming days from the German Liebherr.

Will it be class A or class B?

Probably class B, because only the door uses this new insulation.

But future models are already planned with stone on all the walls.

They should obtain the famous class A label.

But suddenly, the question arises.

In a few years, aren't we going to have a whole bunch of A+++ devices again?

Shouldn't we still have to review the classification scale, provide a new margin for development?

In any case, we can only welcome the progress made in terms of sobriety in household appliances.