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Years ago, when a Chinese manufacturer wanted to enter Europe, it was enough to submit it to EuroNCAP tests for the story to end.

The very poor result they obtained in these independent security tests made people stop talking about them.

That landing on the Old Continent

is now going to be much easier for them.

First, because the EU's commitment to exclusively promote and protect the development of electric cars comes in handy, given their mastery of this technology.

And then, because they have solved those security problems.

And in what way

Although they have not been the only ones:

the electric ones that have been tested by EuroNCAP this year have achieved the maximum score of five stars in 20 of the 22 cases.

Tesla Model S, the best executive sedan and the best electric

A year of record testing

This is revealed by the report released by this body, in which it ensures that 2022 will be remembered as a record year.

Because it never carried

out so many tests (73) or had so many newcomers to the program: seven new brands, five of which are Chinese: Maxus, BYD, Chery, ORA and Wey.

In addition, Lucid (USA) and Mobilize, from the Renault Group, were released.

The addition of Austria and Norway as new members also increased the geographical coverage.

Tesla Model S response to a collision

Of the 73 crash tests carried out, 67 were of new cars, including 65 models (22 of them fully battery-powered) with the lowest safety specifications and two ratings for models with optional equipment;

and six for variants of those previously tested.

Fifteen of the 65 new vehicles tested received four stars (22%),

while 50 received five stars (78%) overall.

Unlike 2021, no vehicle received three stars or less.

Ora Funky Cat: winner among small family cars

In the specific case of battery-powered cars,

only the BMW i4 and the Mobilize Limo (which is not sold, is only used for VTC) remained in the four stars.

And all vehicles from Chinese manufacturers achieved all five.

Among them were also Nio and MG, which had already presented vehicles in previous years.

State of the Ora Funky Cat after one of the tests

Delay in new standards

At this point, EuroNCAP acknowledges that, given the turbulent year that the industry had to endure, it did not want to apply the new standards with which it periodically updates its tests.

It will introduce them this 2023. Specifically,

new protocols referring to vulnerable users (such as cyclists or pedestrians), but also the consideration of a new target group

that will be announced later.

The Hyundai Ioniq 6, the best among the large sedans

And it is that, the evaluation in stars is, in reality, the result of the analysis of the behavior of the vehicle in four large blocks:

adult occupants, child occupants, vulnerable users and assistance and safety systems.

Each of them has a score.

Hyundai Ioniq 6 review

Central airbag and fatigue detector

In this sense,

EuroNCAP highlights the important performance of two security elements.

On the one hand,

the central airbag

that is placed between the front seats and that prevents the driver and passenger from hitting each other with sometimes fatal results.

They were carried by seven out of 10 new cars tested.

The Tesla Model Y was the best small SUV in 2022


the system that detects the inattention or drowsiness of the driver

and that was available as standard in 61 vehicles out of the 65 total.

This is one of the elements that the EU made mandatory in all newly approved vehicles since July of last year.

In newly registered cars, from the summer of 2024.

Tesla Model Y frontal crash test

best in class

Finally, the best cars among its group of competitors have also been released.

At this point, it is important to consider that this rating responds to the fact that it is not fair to compare the star rating between different categories;

and that, as the requirements become more demanding each year,

it only includes vehicles tested in the same year, without a historical list.

Vehicles are measured with standard equipment, without extras.

The Wey Coffee 01 has been the best large SUV

Also, some categories may not be represented if not enough vehicles have been tested in them.

Finally, since 2021, a specific prize has also been awarded to the best electric among all those tested with this technology.

This year, the winner has been the

Tesla Model S,

which has also been valued as the best luxury or executive car.


Hyundai Ioniq 6

has been the best large family;


Wey Coffee 01

has succeeded as a large SUV, the

Tesla Model Y

as a small SUV and the

Ora Funky Cat

as a small family car.

One of the trials of Wey Coffee 01

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