The IPC = International Paralympic Committee announced on the 30th that it will consider adding two new sports, climbing and surfing, to the current 22 sports for the 2028 Los Angeles Paralympics.

As for the Paralympic Games, next year's Paris Games will feature the same 22 sports as the Tokyo Games, including track and field, swimming, and boccia.

According to the IPC's announcement on the 30th, there were applications from 33 sports federations, the largest number ever, for the 2028 Los Angeles Games, and the board of directors approved the same 22 sports as the Tokyo and Paris Games. It means that

And if the Los Angeles Organizing Committee considers the two sports of climbing and surfing and recommends them to the IPC, they will make a final decision on whether to approve them as competitions at the board meeting held later this year.

IPC President Parsons commented, "It was very difficult to select the sports for the Los Angeles Games, but it has become an attractive sports program that shows the diversity of the Paralympic movement."