Argentine star Lionel Messi admitted that his behavior during the match between his country and the Netherlands in the recent World Cup finals in Qatar did not please him, indicating that he was not satisfied with what happened.

And Messi appeared - in the first interview since winning the World Cup - during which he spoke to Radio "Urbana Play", which broadcasts from the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, and brought back memories of the World Cup in Qatar.

Messi admitted that what happened between him and the former coach of the Netherlands national team, Louis van Gaal, and player Wouter Figurst, after the World Cup quarter-final match, he did not like.

Messi celebrated in front of Van Gaal after scoring the second goal by placing his hands behind his ears, which is the way his compatriot Juan Riquelme used to celebrate, who had a strong disagreement with the veteran Dutchman in the past.

After the match, the "flea" dealt sharply with Figurst, telling him during a press interview, "What are you looking at, you idiot? Go away, you idiot," a phrase that spread widely throughout the world.



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Messi said, "My celebration in front of Van Gaal was spontaneous, and I did so after my colleagues told me what the Dutch coach said before the match."

He added, "In fact, I saw what I did, I did not like what happened to me, but it was an automatic response at that time, which was overshadowed by tension and bickering."

He confirmed the best player in the world 7 times, and a strong candidate to win the eighth Ballon d'Or in his career;

He hasn't watched the World Cup final yet.

Messi scored two goals in that match that took place at Lusail Stadium in the State of Qatar, on December 18, 2022, and he also succeeded in hitting his penalty kick successfully.

And about that, Messi said, "I watched the summary of the match and the celebrations of the fans when we were world champions, but the match itself I did not watch again."

He added, "If Maradona had been among us, he would have given me the trophy. It would have remained a very wonderful image. He and all my loved ones are strongly encouraging me."

And about the moment when Messi kissed the cup, he said, "She called me and said to me, 'Come now, you can catch me and touch me,' so I immediately went to her and kissed her. She was brilliant and beautiful on the field."

Messi celebrates with his family the 2022 World Cup in Qatar (Reuters)

Messi touched on the way his family lived the atmosphere of the Qatar World Cup, stressing that it was "a wonderful month for us. Thiago and Mateo lived as real fans, while Sir is the least understood among them, but in the end we lived the moment to the fullest, suffered and enjoyed, even when we returned to Paris reminds us of our days in Qatar."

And Messi returned to say that he was confident that he would win the World Cup, and said, "I said it before, and I think before 2014, I said that I knew that God would give me the World Cup."

Messi commented on the penalty shootout, saying, "Before the decisive kick, I looked at the sky and prayed to God that Montell succeed in scoring it, so that we would not suffer."

He added, "On that day, everything changed for me. I achieved what I had dreamed of throughout my career. I slept comfortably, and I felt that I had done everything, for the moment of winning the World Cup."

Al-Barghout revealed a surprise related to his official account on Instagram, and what happened to him after winning the World Cup.

He said, "My Instagram account was banned due to the large number of messages. I received more than a million messages, and people wanted to see me with the World Cup."

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It is noteworthy that one of Messi's posts on Instagram - in which he appeared while raising the World Cup - had unprecedented interaction, and was admired by more than 75 million followers, which is the highest number in the history of the platform.

Messi generally shone in the 2022 World Cup finals, scoring 7 goals, with which he led the Argentine national team to crown the cup for the third time in the history of “Tango”, after the 1978 and 1986 World Cups, and won the award for best player in the tournament.