On Saturday, Anton Grahn and Elias Danielsson took gold and silver respectively in the JVM sprint, which is run concurrently with the U23 WC in Whistler.

On Sunday it was time for older brother Emil Danielsson to sprint for the medals and then he got bronze.

Right in front of Danielsson, George Ersson finished behind the winning Norwegian, Ansgar Evensen.

The top three were completely superior to the rest of the final field.

- I am very, very proud of them.

They execute it incredibly well, it's awesome, says coach Mattias Nilsson in SVT's broadcast, shortly before he is interrupted by Danielsson and Ersson celebrating their medals.

CUT: See Ersson and Danielsson's coup against the coach

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Emil Danielsson and George Ersson on the podium in the U23 WC Photo: SVT