The 15th round of the women's ski jumping World Cup was held in Germany, and ace Sara Takanashi finished 4th for the second time in a row.

The 15th round of the women's ski jumping World Cup was held on the 29th in Hinterzarten, Germany, on a large hill with a hill size of 111 meters.

Ace Takanashi, who finished 4th in the 14th round held at the same venue on the 28th, his best score of the season, was 104.50, exceeding the K point, to finish 4th.

In her second run, she went 106m in a favorable headwind, but she was unable to move up the order, and she tied the Austrian with 239.9 total points for her second straight 4th. I got the place.

In addition, Yuki Ito scored 110m 50, approaching the hill size in the 1st time, and was in a good position as 2nd place, but in the 2nd time, she lost her balance after landing and landed on her buttocks. He was sixth with 235.8 points.

Nozomi Maruyama finished 7th with a total of 234.1 jumps over the K point of 106 meters in the first jump and 104 meters in the second jump.

In addition, all Japanese teams were ranked high in this tournament, including Yuka Seto, who finished in 11th place along with a Canadian player.

The winner was Anna of Norway, Odine Stron, who scored a total of 254.7, including a 112m 50 over hill size in her first run.