The skaters received 249.93 points from the judges in the sum of the two programs.

Silver awards were won by Alexandra Boikova and Dmitry Kozlovsky (226.31 points).

Bronze went to Anna Moskaleva and Maxim Lozhkin (189.87).

Mishina and Gallyamov scored 87.50 points in the short program and surpassed the achievement of the Chinese duet Sui Wenjing - Han Cong (84.41 points), which was set at the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing.

On January 29, Russian figure skaters broke their own world record in the free program (162.43 points against 157.46), and in the sum of two programs they also surpassed the achievement of Wenqing and Cong (239.88).

The achievement of the Russians will not be ratified, as the International Skating Union (ISU) does not take into account the results in national tournaments.

Earlier, Evgeny Rukavitsyn said that the Russians were rooting for Anastasia Gubanova as their own.