Brazilian Dani Alves, who is being held in a prison in Barcelona, ​​has begun to adjust to his new life days after his arrest.

The judge decided to arrest Alves on the 20th of this month after making his statement accusing him of sexually assaulting a 23-year-old woman in a nightclub in Barcelona on New Year's Eve.

Days after his arrest, the prison administration decided to transfer Alves to another detainee, "Briaz 2", in order to give him some privacy, given that he is a famous figure.

In the latest development, the Spanish "La Vanguardia" website confirmed that Dani Alves had a match with inmates in the same prison last Thursday.

The same site collected a number of official and unofficial testimonies about Alves' condition in prison, all of which confirmed that the Brazilian star enjoys the love and respect of inmates who want to see his skills up close.

With this step, Alves recalled what his compatriot, Ronaldinho, had done, who was imprisoned in Paraguay for entering its territory with a forged passport, when he played a number of matches with the prison inmates on a regular basis.

And "La Vanguardia" confirms that the inmates in the prison are already working to facilitate Alves' life, at a time when the prison administration has threatened to impose harsh penalties on any inmate who leaks information that they are not entitled to talk about.


Dani Alves has been sent to prison without any option of bail.

— Barstool Football (@StoolFootball) January 20, 2023

He pointed out that Alves' companion in the same cell was a Brazilian youth who knew him previously and was nicknamed "Coutinho", and he was working as a bodyguard for the Brazilian star Ronaldinho, and he also worked in some nightclubs in Barcelona.

It is noteworthy that the Mexican Pumas, in whose ranks Alves was playing, decided to terminate the Brazilian's contract, as club president Leopoldo Silva stated, "We cannot allow anyone's behavior to harm our business philosophy."

On the other hand, Brazilian model Joanna Sanz, Alves' wife, deleted all the photos that brought them together from her personal account on "Instagram".

This came after the assurances of Cristobal Martel, Alves' new lawyer, that the latter had established a consensual relationship with the young woman who accused him of raping her.

Martel also explained that Alves refuses to receive any of his family members in prison, and prefers to remain alone until the end of the crisis.

The lawyer - who was appointed by the family a few days ago - said, "Danny's family is keen to visit him in prison, but he asked me to tell them that they should not do so at the present time."