There was no bronze for Sweden in the home WC.

Spain turned it around in the second half to win 39-36.

- We concede too many goals.

It is in the defense that we have the biggest problems.

They get to do what they do best, look for input to the line and shoot a lot from six meters, says national team captain Glenn Solberg.

What sort of backward attempts did you make to stop Spain?

- In the beginning, we wanted to play tight, compact and aggressive.

Then we changed and went forward with a player a little further to get a little more distance and thus make it easier to read their input.

But yes.

They were good those Spaniards.

Solberg says that he felt outclassed by the Spanish national team captain.

- Yes actually.

We felt outplayed in the game overall.

Especially in the second half where we can't stop them.

"Rather sees us getting better at what we can do"

Sweden discussed leaving the classic 6-0 defense to instead take a chance with a more offensive 5-1 defense at the end of the match to take chances.

But Solberg, on the other hand, does not see it as an alternative Swedish defensive game to resort to when the going gets tough.

- We are not good enough at 5-1.

Should you train a different type of defensive game so that you have several different options to go to?

- No, I think it's difficult when we have so little time together.

I'd rather see us get better at what we can do and try to take on the top nations that way.

Despite missing out on a medal, Solberg is proud of the Swedish team and the performance in the WC.

- Once again we are among the top four, it is incredibly impressive.

Denmark, France and Spain are three giants and we want to get there too, and I think we are on the right track.