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And suddenly



And suddenly

De Paul


Two guys that Atlético missed so much in this ordeal of bad results and setbacks that their season has been up to now, resolved a rough and icy afternoon in Pamplona.

The day after the cruel goodbye cupbearer at the Bernabéu,


found relief in the only thing he has left.

He raised his team with more pride than football, although also with suffering: as always,


avoided greater evils.

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In Pamplona, ​​a pick and shovel match, Atlético was a biting dog and not a barker.

An electric goal when Osasuna drowned the most and a handful of occasions to limbo.

But, finally, a smile with which to continue chasing the top three.

Because it is of little use to get entangled in the latest events, in this season without a title option yet in January, something unusual in the Simeone era.

Lamentations help nothing.

Almost half of the League remains and, in addition to dignity, there is the mission of finishing in Champions League positions, of fighting and at every point whatever the circumstances.

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What is after another lost derby for Atlético: a very harsh statement and the uncertain future of Simeone

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What is after another lost derby for Atlético: a very harsh statement and the uncertain future of Simeone

And in El Sadar, a thriving rival and, unlike Atlético, with the rush of sneaking into the Cup semifinals, it was time to avoid frustration.

And it was not easy, because the spark and football do not come by magic.

The first half were two well-planted fighters but without taking risks.

The fatigue of the midweek extensions was also noticeable.


was a dagger on the left, but he did not hurt.



tried to change the tone, but he couldn't find allies.



in eleven, the depth suffers.

A shot from


in the heart of the small area, coming from a corner, was the closest he came to scoring a goal in that stretch.

Two years later

The good intentions around the locker room lasted a breath for Atlético.




, for that reason to increase the bite.

And 10 minutes of visiting flurry arrived, with two shots from Griezmann as proof of the new airs.

But that domain did not last too long, because

Jagoba Arrasate

reacted by moving the bench.

And wow if there was a response.

A header from

Chimy Ávia

and, above all, two saves from Oblak that were going to be fundamental.

The first, to an arrival at the far post by

Moi Gómez

for the center, of course, by Abde, who is a demon.

And, shortly after, a left-footed shot from

Diego Moreno

that, deflected, forced another display of reflexes from the Slovenian.

Osasuna pushed and Atlético walked on the wire of another drama.

And, then, a guy doomed to oblivion, again in the midst of transfer rumors, was going to break out in one of those old actions that made him so fundamental.

Saúl Ñíguez threw an eternal uncheck that caught all of Pamplona at the snack.

With such good fortune that De Paul put it on in a wonderful way, as well as his control and his shot with his right foot.

Like a crouching boxer, Simeone's men had taken out a devastating hook to send Osasuna to the canvas.

It had been exactly two years since Saúl had scored for Atlético.

It had been a long time since world champion De Paul had looked.

It was an afternoon for the double claim.

Although Atlético was going to suffer another little while because they were not able to close the game.

Griezmann had it with a pass from De Paul himself.

Giménez had it up front and


in an arrival that


saved .

The lack of punch...

This time it earned him, one to chain, after a long time, two consecutive victories in the League.

So that his depression is a little less.

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