Korean women's badminton player Ahn Se-young continued her upward trend by winning the championship for two weeks in a row.

Ahn Se-young, who took her first win of the new year by beating world No. 1 Yamaguchi of Japan in India last week, continued her rise in Indonesia.

She dropped her first set against World No. 9 Marín of Spain, but she was steadfast and had a fearsome back.

She landed a series of sharp smashes into her opponent's court, winning the second set to tie the game and driving her momentum to comfortably win the third set by 8 points.

Ahn Se-young reveled in the joy of her second consecutive win as she roared as her victory was confirmed.

[Ahn Se-young / National badminton representative: I think we were able to win thanks to everyone who supported us.

thank you!