After spending the Spring Festival with his family in his hometown of Wenzhou, Zhang Yuning, the main international footballer who plays for Beijing Guoan Club, will return to Beijing this week and receive hip treatment at Jishuitan Hospital. Then he will depart from Shanghai in the early morning of February 4. Paris, France flew to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, preparing to receive systematic rehabilitation treatment there.

Since the rehabilitation treatment cycle in the Netherlands takes at least one and a half months, Zhang Yuning will not be able to return to China until late March or early April at the earliest. In addition, he needs to participate in other recovery training after returning to China. He is expected to wait until late April or even early May. to return to the game.

  Hope to cure with surgery

  long-standing shoulder injury

  Although Zhang Yuning will miss the preparations for the new season of the Chinese Super League in Guoan, the first training session of the national football team and the international warm-up match in March, Zhang Yuning is very much looking forward to the best of himself to be able to accept shoulder surgery and hip rehabilitation. The state of "full blood resurrection" embarked on a new career journey.

  After participating in the 2022 Super League season at the end of last year, Zhang Yuning underwent shoulder surgery at Jishuitan Hospital on January 10 this year.

This also means that Zhang Yuning will not transfer to an overseas club when the international transfer winter window opens, but will continue to stay in the Super League to play for Guoan.

  It is precisely because of his determination to stay in Guoan that Zhang Yuning hopes to have a radical cure for the long-plagued shoulder injury through surgery.

Since the new season of the Chinese Super League will not start until mid-to-late April at the earliest, Zhang Yuning can recover with peace of mind after the operation.

  It is understood that after Zhang Yuning was discharged from the hospital on January 16, he returned to Wenzhou the next day.

A year ago, Zhang Yuning was unable to reunite with his family during the Spring Festival because he went to Japan and Vietnam with the national football team to participate in the Qatar World Preliminary Asian Top 12 away game.

This year, because the national football team has no preparation tasks for the time being, it is rare for Zhang Yuning to spend the Spring Festival with his relatives.

  Going to the Netherlands in early February

  Rehabilitation treatment for not less than one and a half months

  According to the plan, Zhang Yuning will return to Beijing around January 29, and then go to Jishuitan Hospital to receive hip treatment through equipment.

In the early morning of February 4, he will depart from Shanghai Pudong Airport and fly to Amsterdam via Paris, where he will receive systematic rehabilitation treatment.

Zhang Yuning is no stranger to this rehabilitation center in Amsterdam.

In January 2020, during the U23 Asian Cup in Songkhla, Thailand, Zhang Yuning withdrew halfway due to injury, and then he went to this rehabilitation center for treatment.

So far, Zhang Yuning has cooperated with this rehabilitation center for 6 years.

The center is very familiar with Zhang Yuning's physical and injury conditions, so it can efficiently arrange a specific plan for this rehabilitation.

  Considering that Zhang Yuning's injuries are generally serious, he will receive rehabilitation treatment in the local area for no less than one and a half months.

In other words, he may not return to China until late March or early April at the earliest.

After that, Zhang Yuning will also carry out necessary auxiliary treatment and other rehabilitation training in China. Therefore, it is conservatively estimated that he will not be able to return to the game until the end of April or even the beginning of May at the earliest.

  In the second half of the year, with a more ideal physical condition

  involved in various competitions

  Going to Europe for long-term rehabilitation treatment also means that Zhang Yuning will miss Guoan's preparations before the new season.

Since the national football team will kick off the first training session of this year after the Spring Festival according to the preparation plan, and will go to the New Zealand team for two international warm-up matches in late March, Zhang Yuning will also miss this stage of the national football training and warm-up match.

  However, whether it is the Hangzhou Asian Games football match, the second stage of the 2026 World Preliminaries, or the 2023 Asian Cup, they will all be scheduled for the second half of this year. Therefore, as the main force of the national football team, Zhang Yuning will not miss these events normally. .

After the old injury was treated more thoroughly, Zhang Yuning was able to participate in various competitions in a relatively ideal physical condition. This is not only a good thing for him personally, but also for Guoan and the national football team.

  Text/Reporter Xiao Nan Coordinator/Du Rui