The 14th round of the women's ski jumping World Cup was held in Germany, and ace Sara Takanashi finished 4th, her highest ranking this season.

The tournament was held on the 28th at a large hill with a hill size of 111 meters in Hinterzarten, Germany.

Takanashi, who has ranked 5th best so far in this season's World Cup, scored 103.50, exceeding the K point, in the first run in a tailwind that was unfavorable for her jumps, placing her in a good position in 2nd place.

In the second run, he was unable to increase his flight distance to 101 meters, dropping two places and missing out on the podium.

Among the Japanese teams,

Yuki Ito was 7th,

Yuka Seto was 9th, and three of them were in the top 10.

Nozomi Maruyama was also 15th.

The winner was Beijing Olympic normal hill silver medalist Katarina Althaus of Germany, who jumped 107 meters in the first time and 102 meters in the second time, and won her fourth victory this season with a total of 258.8.