On January 28, the 2023 Australian Open women's singles final was settled.

Belarusian Sabalenka defeated Wimbledon champion Lebakina 4-6, 6-3, 6-4 after more than two and a half hours of fighting to win her first Grand Slam title in her career.

The Australian Open also ushered in a new women's singles champion.

  After two weeks of competition, Sabalenka from Belarus and Lebakina from Kazakhstan stood in the final.

Lebakina got off to a good start and broke serve first, while Sabalenka also adjusted her state later, using a more aggressive bottom line ball, and after breaking serve, the two sides tied for 4.

It's a pity that Sabalenka's touch is fleeting.

In the subsequent serving game, Sabalenka's key double fault sent the opponent's serve to win the game.

Lebakina was relentless in the face of opportunities and scored four straight points to take the lead 6-4.

  In the second set, Sabalenka started with an ACE ball, gradually accumulating touch and confidence.

In the first set, Sabalenka made too many forehand errors, which prevented her violent forehand weapon from showing off.

As the feel warmed up, Sabalenka's turnovers also slowly decreased.

After that, she took the lead in breaking serve and took the lead in the game.

In the serve win game, Sabalenka won the set point with a second serve ACE and tied the set 6-3.

In this set, Sabalenka has greatly improved both the aggressiveness of his serve and the stability of his return.

In the third set, although Sabalenka took the lead in breaking serve, Lebakina did not give up and fought hard in the opponent's serve to win the game.

Sabalenka kept the initiative with a high-quality forehand volley.

On the fourth championship point, Lebakina returned the ball out of bounds.

Sabalenka, who won the women's singles championship at the Australian Open, also shed tears on the spot.

  Throughout the game, Sabalenka hit 17 ACE balls. This was the first Grand Slam champion in Sabalenka's career. The Australian Open also ushered in a new women's singles champion.

  Beijing Youth Daily/Reporter Chu Peng Coordinator/Du Rui