The world stars crowded around Pite Havsbad when the Race of Champions national competition was decided on Saturday.

The longest straw was again drawn by the Swedish Oliver Solberg and his Norwegian father Petter Solberg, who together compete for the Norwegian team.

On the way to the final, they knocked out the favorite tipped Swedish team with Mattias Ekström and Johan Kristoffersson.

In the second semi-final, F1 stars Sebastian Vettel and Mick Schumacher went up against the shock team with formula car talent Felipe Drugovich and rally driver Thierry Neuville.

In the final, the Norwegian team showed its speed and took home the victory for the second year in a row.

Race of Champions

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Maria Wallberg

SVT Reporter / presenter

3 min

Krankusk57 •

How ??

Front-heavy is "this" car ??

So it's all about weight distribution on the car, and this is more front-heavy and therefore it had problems in the jump.

Jonas Kruse

Expert commentator

3 min

Anneli •

Thank you Maria and svts rally gang 👍

3 min

Niclas Nilsson •

Do you know if Hamilton has ever been asked?

I don't actually know, but I'd guess anyway...?

Jonas Kruse

Expert commentator

4 min

Krankusk57 •

Strong Oliver swept the course with Neuville 👏👏👏👏👏👏

4 min

Håkan •

What a victory for Oliver over Neuville, fantastic

4 min

Minge •

Lovely engine program.

Who owns the cars?


There are different owners OMSe with Andreas Eriksson owning the most cars

Jonas Kruse

Expert commentator

10 minutes

Krankusk57 •

@MarcusN Thanks & Good luck..👍

12 min

RörmokarMicke •


What does it look like right now for our talents in Rallysport, we have Oliver in WRC 2, but beyond that?

13 min

MarcusN •

Thanks for today now upload for LIF match.