Swedish Moa Lundgren has had a different and difficult season.

She was operated on for appendicitis, which later turned out to be no inflammation - and has only competed in the Scandinavian Cup, which she leads.

Yesterday's distance race was her season premiere in the World Cup.

However, it was in the sprint that mattered most, a place in the WC team was in the pot.

Lundgren finished third in his quarterfinal and was eliminated.

- I'm fast at the start, but then it's like it suddenly went really fast.

It was like a vicious circle.

I didn't feel quite finished when I got to the finish line.

It was scary, she says.

“Been through it twice before”

Now she more or less gives up a start in the WC in Planica.

- If you don't go faster than this, you shouldn't be there.

It feels like crap, but I've been through it twice before.

When we start talking about it, emotions bubble up.

However, Lundgren does not see the end of the season.

- It's still only January so there will be many more races.

Hopefully I can come back in better shape.

There is race and there is hope.