Sweden has won two straight semi-finals against France.

But there was no third.

The semi-final against France ended in a sour loss and center six Max Darj was extremely disappointed after the match.

- It's empty, of course, you've been fighting for this for a long time now.

We would have liked to be here in a final in front of the Swedish audience, but we are not enough today, he tells SVT Sport.

Darj clarifies that they have not given up the fight for a medal.

- We must be professional enough to take care of our bodies today and on Sunday we will play for a medal.

That alone says a lot.

We are playing in front of the Swedish audience and we want that damn medal.

He says that the team is terribly hungry for revenge on Sunday.

- It is actually the desire for revenge that burns inside me.

We have to show that we are better than this, we don't want to end on such a performance.

We have to put in a really good performance and we'll see how far it goes, he says.

The bronze match against Spain will be played at 18.00 on Sunday.