After the exit in the quarter-finals in Saturday's sprint, Moa Lundgren counted out her chances of riding the WC sprint.

Anna Dyvik has also done the same.

For Linn Svahn, it went all the better.

Fifth place last weekend was followed by a fourth place, ahead of the two clear WC Swedes Johanna Hagström and Jonna Sundling.

- I haven't driven that much woman against woman, but I have responded well to it.

I have good hopes that, if it is now a WC start, I can gear up a bit.

With your hand on your heart, haven't you taken the WC spot now?

- I think so, but I have not received any information.

The coach's answer

Women's coach Stefan Thomson does not want to make a selection yet, but admits that Svahn impressed.

- Linn is doing fantastically well today, so clearly she has strengthened her odds more, says Thomson.

The last time it went to the WC 2021 in Oberstdorf, Svahn failed to live up to the high expectations.

The desire for revenge is great.

- There are many who fight about it.

I want revenge from two years ago.

But I think it's sad that Anna (Dyvik) isn't here and running again because she's a worthy candidate.

A decision has to be made, but I think it feels positive.