Klopp identifies a major cause of Mohamed Salah's suffering...and shocks the Liverpool fans

The Egyptian star, Mohamed Salah, raised the concern of Liverpool supporters in the recent period, after his level declined very dramatically, which caused a decline in the attacking strength of Liverpool, who suffers in ninth place in the English Premier League by 29 points, 21 points behind leaders Arsenal, what In practice, this means losing the chance to win the league title this season.

And before facing Brighton tomorrow in a difficult match against Liverpool in the Federation Cup, which is the same team that previously tied with him in the league in the first leg, Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp identified in a press statement reported by the “Liverpool Echo” some of the reasons that explain Salah’s suffering in front of the net, and the noticeable decline in His level, and Klopp said that the main reason is to change the attacking system, especially at the level of the elements, and stressed that the departure of Senegalese Sadio Mane, as well as the decline in the level of Brazilian Firmino, caused a major defect in the attack trio that Salah previously led, and contributed to the great successes of Liverpool.

He said that Liverpool's terrifying attack was associated for a long time with that trio that brought Liverpool back to the podium in the English Premier League, and also brought it back to winning the Champions League title, and indicated that Mane's absence greatly affected the level of Liverpool's attack, and that this cannot be ignored.

So far this season, Salah has scored only 7 goals in 19 games, while last season he had scored 23 goals, and won the top scorer title jointly with Tottenham star Son.

And he stressed that Salah did not get enough time to adapt to the new elements, and said that Jota was affected by injuries, as well as Diaz, then the arrival of Darwin Nunez, as well as the Dutchman Gakbo did not give Salah enough opportunity to get along with them, and stressed that it takes patience and a long time to rule. On the new elements in Liverpool's attack, their compatibility with Salah's way of playing, and how they fit together.

And he stressed that victory in a match may not necessarily mean that Liverpool will recover, saying that it may take a long time before Liverpool returns as strong as it was in the previous period.

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