Hajime Moriyasu, coach of the Japanese national soccer team, departed from Haneda Airport on the morning of the 28th to observe Japanese players playing in Europe and exchange opinions. I started it.

Coach Moriyasu, who led the Japanese national team to the knockout rounds at the World Cup Qatar tournament, is set to continue until the next World Cup three years from now.

On the morning of the 28th, Coach Moriyasu left Haneda Airport to inspect Japanese players who are playing in Europe, and started full-scale activities for the next World Cup.

On the 29th, Coach Moriyasu will visit Paris Saint-Germain for a match between Stade Reims and Paris Saint-Germain.

Messi, who led Argentina to victory in the World Cup, plays in Paris Saint-Germain.

After that, until the middle of next month, he will be based in Düsseldorf, Germany, where the Japan Football Association has an office, to observe matches played by Japanese players. I would like to exchange opinions while looking back at the cup.

The Japanese national team will play their first warm-up games after the Qatar Games in Tokyo and Osaka in late March.

In response to interviews with the press prior to departure, Manager Moriyasu said, "This will be the start of building a new team for the 2026 World Cup. In Europe, we will meet mainly the players who participated in the Qatar Games and see them from the perspective of the players. I would like to hear about the achievements and challenges of the project and talk about what we should do in the future."