Ebba Andersson convincingly won the 10 kilometer race yesterday and was looking forward to a good sprint performance.

But it stopped already in the qualifiers.

- I had higher hopes than that, even though I know that sprinting is a challenge for me.

Despite that, I would not have accepted this place to be eliminated in the qualifier, it feels like shit, says Andersson.

She believes that it was surprising that it was not enough for the final heats.

- I'm surprised that it wasn't enough to move on, even though I had some challenges with the mount there on the hill.

I gave what I had and therefore it feels extra hard that it wasn't enough as it should be.

- I get to recharge until tomorrow, even if right now it's no consolation.

Jonna Sundling was the best Swede with a third place.

Johanna Hagström finished fourth, Emma Ribom seventh, Linn Svahn eighth, Maja Dahlqvist 13th and Moa Lundgren 16th

The American Jessica Diggins was the big bang of the qualifier, when she went out with the 35th time.

She had problems in a downhill where she ended up off the track for a few seconds.