After driving for Sweden in the Olympics in February, Anton Persson's goal was the WC in Planica.

But this summer, the sprint specialist tore his cruciate ligament, threatening that dream.

But he chose to rehabilitate and not operate.

After finishing 41st in the sprint qualifying on Saturday, he now gives up.

- It doesn't work, with my background with the injury.

It feels good some days, but it doesn't work when you have to accelerate.

I have nothing to do at the WC when they eat like this anyway, so then it's just as well to go home and deal with the problems and have surgery.

Is that how it feels?

- Yes, it is, there is nothing else to do.

Despite the injury, he felt good towards the start of the season in November.

- It went very well towards the start of the season, but since then it has gradually gotten worse and worse.

It was like someone hacked after the premiere and it never really turned out well.

Now there are many indications that he has made his last appearance of the season.

- Yes, I think so, maybe a relay if I'm really needed in Skövde (SM), but otherwise it's probably over.

You put in so much time, so it's tough.