At the Luge World Championships in Oberhof, the German selection once again gave the competition no chance.

As on Friday in the sprint, the singles won all the medals.

After two rounds, Anna Berreiter (RC Berchtesgaden) won her first world title on Saturday in 1:23.991 minutes.

Second place went to Julia Taubitz (WSC Oberwiesenthal/+0.058 seconds).

Dajana Eitberger (RC Ilmenau/+0.116), who won the sprint on Friday, finished third.

“Oberhof suits me somehow, I can drive really fast here.

It's a lot of fun with the crowd at the World Championships – it's just great to win my first title here,” said a beaming Berreiter at the finish.

Her success is all the better because the first half of the season was "not easy" for her.

"I was really struggling," said the 23-year-old.

There were a few conversations, “because I wasn’t doing so well mentally either”.

The fact that her teammates scooped up the other medals and Merle Fraebel also shone in fifth (+0.212) was due to the unity of the team, said Berreiter.

"We're just great, I would say," said the new world champion and added: "Of course we benefit from having the best drivers in our own team." National coach Norbert Loch was also very satisfied.

He had already told the team the evening before that a triple success was possible - "and they implemented it".

The German series of successes had previously been initiated by the doubles Toni Eggert (BRC Ilsenburg) and Sascha Benecken (RT Suhl), who confidently won gold on their home track (1:23.517 minutes).

Jessica Degenhardt (RRC Altenberg) and Cheyenne Rosenthal (BSC Winterberg) even managed to do this on the shortened route with a track record (1:17.619 minutes).

The Olympic champions Tobias Wendl/Tobias Arlt (RC Berchtesgaden/WSV Königssee) completed the strong result with silver.

"It's so nice to have a World Cup at home after two winters without a spectator, to be able to celebrate with so many people," summarized Benecken.

The triumph in his own state is "the fulfillment of a childhood dream".

Degenhardt explained her brisk ride as follows: "We tried to put everything into it again in the second run, there were also small things where I thought: Okay, now you have to stretch yourself again." That paid off.

The dominance of the German team has been overwhelming so far.

In the sprint races on Friday, too, the hole protégés had won all the classifications and won a total of nine out of twelve medals.

Now it's 15 out of 21.