NPB = Nippon Professional Baseball has received the policy of allowing admission to 100% of the capacity if the government takes measures to prevent infection, and will start speaking out from the open game as early as the end of next month. I have shown the prospect that I will be able to support.

The government has abolished the current limit of 50% of the venue's capacity for the number of people who can participate in loud events, and will allow up to 100% of the capacity if infection control measures are taken. .

Regarding this, Atsushi Ihara, the secretary general of NPB, said that according to the government's policy, from the open game that will start at the end of next month at the earliest, after taking measures to prevent infection such as wearing a mask, it will be possible to cheer aloud. showed the prospect of becoming

Regarding the details, we will proceed with the examination according to the government's policy in the future. I would like to proceed while confirming whether it is okay."