Dennis Schröder in handcuffs, a large police force around him: the captain of the German national basketball team felt like he was in the wrong movie for minutes because of a mistake.

“At the end there were 20, 25, 30 police cars.

So real alarm.

I see shotguns, pistols, Uzis and I have no idea what kind of guns they had.

It was like I was a criminal doing something," the 29-year-old said on his YouTube channel (timecode from 1:56 to 6:29).

The incident happened after his Los Angeles Lakers' home win against the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday evening (local time).

Schröder sat in the back of the big van.

After being strongly urged by the police to slowly get out, he did so, with his hands on his head, as he described the events.

"When I was with them, they put my arms down and handcuffed me.

But also really jerky.

And I think to myself: Hey, what happened?” reported the 29-year-old.

A friend who was driving the car was forced to lie on the ground at a gas station with his arms and legs spread.

Minutes later, the clarification came: It was a misunderstanding.

The police thought the car was stolen.

Schröder was finally able to clarify that the license plates came from his Cadillac, which he had sold a year earlier.

"Then everything was settled.

Luckily nothing happened to anyone.

We then got home safely, ”said the family man.