Sweden advanced from the World Cup quarter-finals against Egypt, but the victory came at a high price because the big star Jim Gottfridsson injured his hand and now misses the rest of the championship.

The expert Magnus Grahn believes that Sweden will above all miss Gottfridsson in two ways in the semi-final against France on Friday.

- One is his leadership qualities on the court.

How he directs and sets.

Maybe it will be that you pick him on the bench, because there he will contribute, says Magnus Grahn.

The second is Gottfridsson's class.

- Just being able to decide in these important moments, that's where he and Andreas Palicka are completely unique in this Swedish team, says Grahn.

Claar replaces Gottfridsson

Magnus Grahn thinks that the substitute Felix Claar was responsible for a fine effort as a middle nine when Gottfridsson started against Egypt.

He also likes Claar's defensive qualities.

- What you can miss when Jim Gottfridsson is away in relation to Claar is that you know that he decides matches himself when there are five minutes left when it is equal and very exciting.

I don't know where Claar is yet, says Grahn.

The expert believes that Sweden has a good chance of reaching the final despite the interruption.

- France has enormous width and weight and enormously good players in all positions.

But I say it will be "fifty-fifty".

Sweden still has a harmony and breadth that speaks to Sweden's advantage, but France may have the leading players that speaks to their advantage, he says.

CUT: Palicka salutes the crowd

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Andreas Palicka pays tribute to the Swedish crowd at the handball WC.

Photo: Bildbyrån