At the start of Sweden's victory match against Egypt, team captain Jim Gottfridsson stuck his left hand in an opponent's shirt and left the field grimacing.

A moment later he appeared, but then with a wrapped hand.

He watched the rest of the game from the sidelines.

After the match, Gottfridsson was x-rayed and it was found that he had suffered a fracture in his hand.

"Suffering with Jim"

Jim Gottfridsson is one of the world's best handball players and that he now misses the rest of the tournament means a big break for Sweden.

Now two months await without a game for the big star.

- I suffer an awful lot with Jim, who has prepared and done everything he could to come as prepared as possible.

He has had a very good tournament so far, so it is clear that it is difficult for us, but we have a very strong squad that will do everything to win the semi-final, says national team captain Glenn Solberg in a statement on the national handball team's website.

In the semi-final on Friday, Sweden faces France in Stockholm.

In the second match, Denmark and Spain meet in Gdansk.