Last night the news came that Jim Gottfridsson's WC is over after a fracture in his hand.

The player was taken to hospital after the quarter-final against Egypt yesterday and was cast after an X-ray.

Today he tells more about how the time since the injury has been.

- I was very sad last night.

I have slept 1.5 hours and am looking forward now to help the team in the best way, says Gottfridsson during a press conference.

Does not get a role on the bench

The national team captain Glenn Solberg says that the key player does not get any role on the bench.

- If he is not going to play, he cannot be on the bench.

We cannot have players on the bench who are injured, says Solberg to SVT Sport.

Gottfridsson still hopes to be able to support the team from the sidelines, not least his replacement in the position, Felix Claar.

- I will try to help the team outside with support.

Especially Felix.

Gottfridsson is saddened that he now misses the last decisive matches during the home championship.

"Of course bitter"

- It's hard to explain.

This is what you have been training for all your life.

Not being able to participate when you play for the most precious medals is of course bitter.

- I was sad yesterday and there were a few tears.

It's about getting up.

Even this time.

It is not the last time I will stand on a handball court.

It is currently unclear whether the national team will bring in a reserve in Gottfridsson's place.

- When I went to bed yesterday I thought I would call someone in, and when I woke up I thought no, we shouldn't.

Right now we intend to play with the 17 players we have.

Sweden meets France in the semi-finals on Friday.