The quarter-finals of men's singles were held in the wheelchair division of the four major tennis tournaments, the Australian Open, and 16-year-old Kaito Oda, ranked 3rd in the world, defeated 37-year-old Taku Sanada in a straight line to reach the top 4. I decided to advance.

On the 10th day of the Australian Open held in Melbourne, Australia, the men's singles quarterfinals in the wheelchair division were held. It was a match between Japanese players.

In the 1st set, it was a fierce battle from the beginning, and each service game was broken, but in the 6th game, Oda scored a sharp shot with a backhand and succeeded in breaking it, and he took the lead with momentum. I kept it and took it 6-3.

Oda dominated the second set as well, scoring a powerful backhand return in the seventh game and taking the second break, winning the set 6-4 with a straight set count of 2-0. won in

Oda has decided to advance to the top 4 in her first appearance at the Australian Open.

16-year-old Oda made it to the quarter-finals at the French Open, his first appearance at the Grand Slam tournament last year. He is the youngest winner and is expected to be the successor to Shingo Kunieda, who retired on the 22nd of this month.