'The 27th Taegeuk Warrior' Oh Hyeon-kyu, who was a preliminary member of the Qatar World Cup, joined Scotland Celtic.

The Celtic club released a joining video saying they had signed a five-year contract with Oh Hyun-kyu.

He was given the number 19 shirt, and the transfer fee was 3 million euros, 4 billion won in our money.

Oh Hyun-gyu, 22 years old, scored 13 goals last season and led Suwon to remain in the first division.

Celtic, played by Ki Sung-yueng and Cha Doo-ri in the past, is a strong team that has won the league title nine times in the last 10 seasons.

[Oh Hyun-gyu/Celtic striker: I am really happy that the moment I dreamed of came true.

It seems to be filled with really happy things.]